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ECCO Safety Group

People-driven performance

We are the safety and productivity partner that builds relationships on trusted performance. At ESG we use respect and expertise to build performance across all areas of this business – from products to service. This reputation for excellence in all things has made us the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and emergency vehicle warning and safety products. Our mission is to develop safety solutions and emergency systems to help protect your most important asset, people.

We have your back.
And your front.
Even your sides.

While safety is our business, certainty is our purpose. We promise to always have your back. That goes for the products you rely on to the people you thoughtfully choose to source them from.

Respect drives performance

Hard work is something we respect. That’s why everything we make will perform for the people using it to do the honest, hard work they do to earn a living.

We value

  • people
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  • sharing
  • customization
  • simplicity

Our Brands

We make products that help people work safer.


ECCO is the safety products brand driven by pride, performance, and people. While safety is our business, building lasting relationships with those who depend on us is our purpose. For over 45 years ECCO safety solutions have been helping operators get the job done. The dependable performance of these products ensures operators are aware of their surroundings and bystanders are alerted to the presence of working equipment. With ECCO on the job, safety is ensured.

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Code 3

Code 3 products create safer working conditions and new opportunities for public safety guardians to apply their skills and ingenuity to tasks with confidence. Code 3 is the brand trusted by more than 20 federal agencies in the U.S. and over 100 international law enforcement and emergency services organizations. Code 3 safety equipment protects law enforcement and emergency services personnel, enhancing their job performance with over 139 patented technologies.

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Our History

ECCO Founded
In 1971, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enacted legislation requiring back-up alarms on all vehicles that operated off public roads. Recognizing the business opportunity, Carl Peterson established ECCO in September 1972 and began marketing a limited line of back-up alarms.
Code 3 Founded
Formed as the red and blue division by Public Safety Equipment (PSE), Code 3 rolled its first lightbar, the 2200, out in 1974.
Smart Alarm®
Driven by a need for improved products in a growing industry, ECCO released the Smart Alarm – a product that automatically adjusts its output level based on ambient noise. It was the world’s first self-adjusting back-up alarm and firmly established ECCO as the industry leader in product innovation.
Three years after the release of the Smart Alarm®, ECCO solves another industry problem with the Reverse Motion Sensor (RMS). The RMS was designed to activate a back-up alarm whenever a vehicle rolls backwards, in any gear, with the ignition on or off.
Code 3
Moved into the current manufacturing facility in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Warning Lights
ECCO marks its entrance into the amber warning light industry with the purchase of Tonemaster Electronics.
Britax International plc.
The automotive components manufacturer acquires PSE.
Vision Alert
A warning light manufacturer based in Leeds, England, fills out ECCO’s product line and provides a manufacturing facility in Europe.
Premier Hazard
ECCO purchases a manufacturer of emergency vehicle warning equipment also based in England.
Code 3 introduces D-tech, which allows two-colored light signals to emit from single source.
During its 30th year, ECCO expands into the full-size lightbar business with the release of the Evolution® Series featuring belt-driven rotators, a first in the USA.
Hazard Systems
ECCO acquires Hazard Systems, the Pacific Basin market leader in warning lights and sirens for emergency service vehicles. The merger further expands the product lines of ECCO, Vision Alert and Hazard Systems.
ECCO Group
To support rapid, worldwide sales growth, a new business unit, ECCO Group is formed. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, USA, ECCO Group provides centralized finance, IT, product engineering, product development, purchasing and marketing support for the company’s three business units.
Delta Design
Delta Design, a European LED and strobe light manufacturer is added to ECCO Group’s product brand portfolio.
ECCO Group adds Preco, a leading manufacturer of back-up alarms and warning lights.
Nova Electronics
ECCO Group adds Nova Electronics, a US-based leader in warning lights for emergency vehicles, to its portfolio of brands.
PSE Acquisition
PSE is acquired by ECCO Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of back-up alarms and amber warning lights. ECCO Group becomes ECCO Safety Group.
Innovative Modularity
ECCO announced the release of the AXIOS™ LED Modular Lightbar System. The completely customizable lightbar.
Pursuit Lightbar
Code 3 introduces the Pursuit Lightbar featuring the next generation of optics technology, two full levels of lighting in less than 3 inches of height, intuitive software for flash pattern generation, and powerful takedown lights.
American Off-Road Debut
Xray Vision, ESG’s premium brand of off-road lighting, makes its debut in North America at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Our Leadership

Making a pledge to you.

The World's Toughest Job

It’s not mine. And I’m the first to admit that. It’s every job done by the people who depend on products from the ESG family of brands including ECCO and Code 3. That’s why I challenge everyone in our organization to put their best into everything we make. Because together, we support the world’s hardest-working trade and emergency services professionals.

Brian Olsen
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Brian Olsen
Brian Olsen Brian Olsen
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Managing Director, ESG Asia-Pacific
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Managing Director, ESG Europe, Middle East and Africa

Pay less, but you won't find better

OEM partnerships with industry leaders.

Price is a powerful part of your investment in safety and productivity equipment. But considering what’s at stake, you can’t afford to let it be the only one. That’s why safety and productivity products from ECCO Safety Group are found on some of the world’s top vehicle and equipment manufacturers. In part, because they meet and typically exceed industry and regional regulatory standards. We’re proud that these enduring relationships result in powerful performance and value for users.

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Aligned with the industry's best.

More About OEM

Product customization & documentation

Each customer is unique. That’s why we have a dedicated Product Modification Team to listen, analyze, and offer solutions to meet nearly any requirement.

Questions? Contact our OEM Sales Director.

Kevin Crowe Kevin Crowe
Director OEM Sales, Americas
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